DGA Hydrodynamics

The French research institute DGA Hydrodynamics provides advanced expertise to the French Navy and to naval industries.

The centre is located at Val de Reuil, Normandy. It conducts naval hydrodynamic and hydroacoustic tests for ships, submarines and other naval platforms. This centre has high performance test facilities, most of which are unique in Europe as well as a high-performance computing (HPC) hardware platform for CFD calculations.

DGA Hydrodynamics as part of the Ministry of Defense is taking a large part in the development and the evaluation of the ship and submarine designs of Naval Group. To achieve the prediction of the full-scale ship performances, DGA Hydrodynamics carries out CFD calculation in the preliminary design phase and CFD combined with model tests in the detailed design phase.

CFD using high-performance computing hardware (HPC 280 TeraFlops)

Hull and propeller model manufacture using CNC milling machines
Model test for self-propulsion and seakeeping in the large towing tank B600  
Model test for maneuvering in lake with free running model
Model test for cavitation and noise on propeller in the GTH (Large Hydro-acoustic Tunnel)
Published on November 28, 2019 Updated on December 9, 2020